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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sharing "Teddy Bear Sunflower seeds" from my garden

Hi Gardens of Etsy Team members and the blog followers,

As I posted my tread at the team forum, somehow I had a few Teddy Bear Sunflowers in my garden this year, and succeeded in saving the seeds.

I'm belong to Glasgow Garden Club in KY as a volunteer, so I asked members what kind of sunflower it is. However no one knew the answer. My mother-in-law finally gave me the answer. She knows very well about flowers, trees and birds. She and I are garden friends. :)

I'm going to give the seeds to you. :)
Mine is not a dwarf variety. It reached my height (5 feet). The largest flower was about 7” in diameter. One plant can have five or more flowers.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get many seeds, because where I live had more rain than usual this summer. Most of the seeds got moldy. I'll send only five seeds per applicant. I think I can share the seeds with 20 garden friends :) I hope you can grow a new face in your garden!

If you are interested in the seeds, please send a message to my shop. :)


  1. What a Gorgeous flower! Very sweet of you to share, Thank you Kazumi :)

  2. That's and awesome sunflower! I would love to get some.

  3. Very unique Sunflower! Gardening is so fun. So generous of you too. ;)

  4. Thank you for your comments!
    My pleasure to share the seeds. :)

    Julie, Thank you so much for sending your money plant seeds to me! I can hardly wait for next spring. :)