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Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden relic

What do you do with an old satellite dish?  Well, this would be a good choice.  When we moved to our property 16 years ago, this old dish was part of the landscape.  I started gardening the area around it, as I moved plants from one home to the new house.  Everybody kept saying I should take down the dish.  After a while, I didn't even notice it but was thinking that it would be an awesome structure for some climbing rose.

About 10 years ago, I ordered a Paul's Himalayan Musk rose from Wayside Garden.  In the description it stated, "Only grow this on a strong structure".  The dish seemed to be the perfect thing!!  It grows with reckless abandon around the concave dish.  It perfumes the air when it's in bloom.  I just wish it bloomed all season.  It's fleeting in its glory but so worth the wait.

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rose

Do you think it gets good reception?

They smell devine

 A blanket of roses