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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The bog blog

morning sunshine
I've been posting the progress on this garden project on my blog and thought I would give an update here on Gardens of Etsy. Here is my blog with some before pix.

I did some research on bogs and learned that many bog plants, pitcher plants for example, evolved the way they did because bogs can be naturally low in nutrients.  So I filled my bog with a mixture of peat, sand and a little bit of garden soil for the plants that aren't true bog plants.

wind chime for the deer
I came home from the nursery Friday with 2 big pots of pitcher plants to add to the little ones I put in earlier.  The pickeral weed already put in may not be allowed to grow.  The deer really like it.  I hung a wind chime over the bog in hopes that would bother the deer. I also put in some sedges(grassy looking plants).

The ironweed, turtle head, amsonia and irises are all starting to grow and will look like something in a few more weeks. So I'll keep posting as things keep growing.

pitcher plants and sedge


  1. Very cool!
    We have a natural bog at our other place. It dries out in the summer, but so does everything else in TN.

  2. Great article! Thanks for sharing this with us. Never thought to create a bog, sounds like a very fun project. Would love to see how it evolves!